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About Save On Solar

Save On Solar are a Canterbury based family company that are passionate  about solar technology, especially the next generation systems that are now available. These cutting edge systems not only save you money but are more environmentally friendly than ever.


Here in New Zealand we are fortunate to live in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet and it would be wonderful if our country could be powered completely by renewable energy. As a company we are proud

that we can have a share in moving New Zealand towards a sustainable

energy power supply and all the benefits that it will bring.


Why not join dozens of satisfied customers already enjoying the benefits of harnessing the suns solar rays and creating green energy for their homes and businesses, after all its not just money you are saving.

Why Go Solar

Solar power systems are now more affordable and easier to install than ever before. With the cost of power ever increasing, harnessing the suns rays with top line solar panels and creating FREE RENEWABLE ENERGY makes perfect sense for every household and business.


There are the added benefits of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on fossil fuels as well as keeping our beautiful country clean and green, something we can all have a share in.

Off grid compared to grid tied installations

Battery packs are required for an off grid installation as well as a generator set up. Grid tied systems can still use the retailer supplied power during low generation. Low generation is usually when the sun has gone down but can also be if there are interfering overhead conditions

Battery Packs

As an option battery packs can be installed so that only limited power will be fed back into the grid and the majority of the power can be utilised in your home or business. During low generation periods is when the battery packs come into their own, as they store the charge created during the day to be utilised at night or during low generation periods.

Orientation of PV panels

PV panels should be installed to use as much sun as they can for as long as they can during the day. Our installers are aware that orientation is crucial, with north facing being the prime way to face the panels, there are different ways to achieve this, tilt brackets can be utilised to tilt the panels in a manner to harness as much of the sun as they can.


Panels that are part of a flatter installation receive more sunlight in summer, and those on a more acute angle receive more sunlight in winter. However this will vary from installation to installation.

How a Solar system works

Its not as complex as you would think.


Solar technology harnesses the suns UV properties, UV can be harmful to us, but our panels love it.


In essence The Photovoltaic panels convert the suns light into a DC voltage. This conversion takes place due to the properties of the photovoltaic materials which make up the solar panels. When light shines on these photovoltaic materials they experience an internal flow of electrons. This is because the electrons in the crystal structure of the materials in the panels absorb the energy of the light particles, which energises the electrons so they move.


The internal electron movement is channelled through the material and into an electric circuit, via the metal contacts on the panel surface. Now the Panels have transformed the suns UV rays into a basic DC voltage.


The DC then travels down a cable connected to an Inverter, the Inverter (the brains of the operation) has the job of changing the DC voltage into an AC voltage, which is then fed back to the installations switchboard where it can be utilised in your home or business or fed back into the grid.

Solar Systems We Use

We have a number of great companies that provide us with the latest technology available in the solar power industry.

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